Change Your Latitude

Use Videos to Create & Build Your Business

Over 20 years ago, I created the goal that I wanted to stay home with my kids. This was a little funny, since Tim and I just got married and did not have kids. We created our first blog and started down the path as bloggers and business owners. Soon into our new business, we realized videos was the future.

We started creating videos to promote our business. This took our business to a whole new level. Our kids have grown and now we have the goal of teaching as many people as possible how to create a lifestyle like ours. We want parents to be able to stay at home with their kids or travel the world as a family. Videos can do that!

We took 20+ years of online business and created this course teaching you how to make money online with videos.

Course Highlights

Business Insights

We're not just going to show you how to gain views and income on your YouTube channel, we'll show you how to turn it into a business.

Social Media Marketing

Learn the strategies that WORK! We have spent thousands of dollars learning and testing techniques. We share the strategies that work to build your channels and make money with social media marketing.

Video: Basics & Advanced

Equipment, editing, branding, uploading, and channel growth. We show you the key strategies to grow your channel and income while saving you from the pitfalls!

Do you Want a Business or a Hobby?

Plenty of courses and consultants can help you build your YouTube channel. More views, more subs, better engagement. BUT, will they show you how to build a business that can change your life? NO!

Who are Tim & Allison Jones?

  • Combined 40+ years of online business experience.
  • Board member on Affiliate Summit (world’s largest affiliate marketing conference)
  • Advisory Board Member of Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute at the University of Florida
  • Own multiple online businesses with over $15+ million in sales in 2022
  • Authors of 4 books on travel and tourism
  • Recognized in 2015 and 2016 as one the Fastest Growing Gator Companies in the World by the University of Florida
  • Taught thousands of business owners how to reach their dreams with online marketing
  • Run several YouTube channels with over 30,0000 million views
  • Used video marketing to create opportunities to be in TV, movies, commercials, and event print advertising
  • Are recognized by fans around the world!
  • Travel the World with their family, with just a laptop and can do the same!

Is This the Right Course for You?

  • This course is a super in depth course. We teach you everything we know to make money online using videos. It took us 3 months, just to create this course. It took us 20+ years running an online business to master online marketing.
  • This course is NOT a get rich scheme. We teach you resources to build a successful business online, but it is up to you to do the legwork.
  • This course focuses on videos, but is perfect for that YouTuber with 100,000 subscribers that has never pitched a company or that new YouTuber that just started their channel last week.  
  • This course is even good for a blogger that is thinking about adding videos to their blog, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

Get Instant Access to Making Money Online with Videos, Now!

Start "changing your latitude" using videos to build an online business that gives your family the lifestyle they deserve for just 6 payments of $47 or a one-time payment of $247!

Change Your Latitude...

Building a Business Using Online Video

Our Story

I don’t know how I started thinking about it, but I know I was at my desk at my 9-9 job. It must have been a long day, because I know I started daydreaming. I was dreaming about working from home playing with my kids.

This whole situation was kinda funny, because I was a newlywed with no kids yet. It then dawned on me.....I want to work from home!

I started researching how to work from home. Let me say WOW! There is a bunch of junk out there in the internet for work from home jobs.

I decided I needed to create my own business and my own work from home job. I still remember Tim’s face when I told him I wanted to do this. 

Being a totally supportive husband, he said yes and then we were off! It was a struggle. We lived at my mother-in-law's house, so we could live on one income.

We spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars hitting and missing, learning as we went.  I spent hours, days, weeks, and months hitting and missing about growing a business and success online.

In 2008 we started using videos.

Using videos turned our business into a multi million dollar business!

I would have paid anything to learn the tips and tricks I am about to share with you! I do not want anyone else to struggle like we did to be successful.

We have been teaching business owners “one-on-one” these techniques for years and helped them reach their own goals. Our consulting fees run $3000 a month. You can access our resources through this course for a fraction of this price. 

Only $247 or six payments of $47.


We now spend 200+ days traveling with our entire family. We have been able to travel around the world, getting paid to do what we love. You can do the same.

Here are some of our experiences that were brand deals from our videos, JUST IN THE LAST YEAR!

Adventures by Disney

Aulani: A Disney Resort

Vista Verde Luxury Dude Ranch

Now Onyx: Dominican Republic

Disney Cruise (20+ as a family!)

Norwegian Bliss Inaugural Cruise

Do you Want to Join the Video Revolution?

"We teach you everything we know to become successful building a business online with videos.

$47 a month is an inexpensive cost to take the leap to follow your dreams!"

Tim & Allison Jones

Product Overview

What do you get for your money, with our course?


Business Basics 

  • Learn how Vision, Mission, and Values will make or break your business

  • Create your ultimate niche for building your business

  • Create and narrow your client profile, so you are targeting the best client to make money online

  • Use our customer profile sample to help create your own

  • Learn how to master the Principles of Influence to build your YouTube channel, social marketing, and make money online

  • Don’t be a YouTuber that gets crushed when there is an algorithm change! Learn how to create and master your brand to become a powerhouse online

  • Create and master your networking list to build your business and make an money every time you send out an email

  • How to create a schedule to build a loyal following

  • Don’t fail with your first YouTube channel, learn how to properly launch a product or channel


Video Basics 

  • Don’t spend a ton of money on the wrong camera equipment. We share the best of the best in regards to camera equipment for filming

  • We review poorly created YouTube channels every week. Don’t let that be you. We show you how to properly set up your YouTube channel to increase your potential for followers and views

  • Learn the tools to help you get that perfect shot! This one course has taken us years to perfect. We share all of these tools with you to get that ultimate footage

  • Is an intro killing your channel? We show you how to create that epic intro

  • What is your story? This one unit will help you soar as a video creator. We share the steps to create a story that your views and the media will love

  • Viewers will spend hours watching horrible videos, but you will lose a viewer with poor sound. Learn how to get the best sound for your videos with microphones

  • Are you lost with editing? We show you how to edit your videos quickly with iMovie

  • Do you want to learn how to use the editing software that the movie industry uses? We teach you step by step how to use Premiere Pro

  • Learn how to save time with our shortcuts printable to both iMovie and Premiere Pro editing

  • Are you missing out on important steps when uploading your videos to YouTube? We walk you step by step through the process of properly uploading a video to YouTube

  • Learn the #1 way to help your channel may not be what you think! We show you how to create the epic thumbnails

  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to make those really cool social icons like Subscribe, Thumbs Up, and more? We walk you through a tutorial on how to create these social icons to help engage your audience

  • Learn how to take your videos to the next level with green screens. They are simple and make incredible videos for your followers

  • You can lose money in an instant by getting flagged for copyright infringement. Learn how to properly use music for your videos

  • Learn how to show up as a search in YouTube and Google with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Marketing Your Brand 

  • Don’t let this happen to you! Learn 5 Mistakes with Social Marketing and How to Prevent Them

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to build your business and find brand deals

  • Learn how to use Twitter to quickly gain followers and more video views

  • Discover how Twitter can help you build a community to make money online

  • Create a community that will follow you, buy from you, and share your content through Facebook pages

  • Learn how stories are the best way to grow your Instagram channel and how brands are paying big dollars for you to advertise on your stories

  • Get exclusive access to the hidden gem in growing an Instagram channel called Telegram. You can even get access to our secret group!

  • How to make those square videos on Facebook to increase your views and build your FB page

  • Learn why brands love working with influencers that engage their followers on Facebook and learn tips on how to build that engagement

  • Why is Pinterest the #1 social marketing platform for video creators?

  • Learn how to use Pinterest to build your business and how to maximize your time using Tailwind

  • We share the #1 way to quickly build a YouTube channel. This may surprise you!

  • What is the one resource that 90% of businesses do not have, but should have. This one unit is worth the entire price of this course. We can it our “cash cow!”

  • How to get invited to be an expert in your favorite magazine or talk show?

  • Gain access to our exclusive media list. This is the 1st time we have ever shared this list valued at $1000’s!  We even share how you can use this media list to build your business

  • How to create a tribe of fans to continue to grow your YouTube channel and business

  • Are collabs worth it? How to find collabs and work with fellow video creators to help each other grow

  • What are Multi-Channel Networks? Are they worth it? We even share a list of Multi-Channel Networks

  • We share our personal checklist for YouTube! This checklist is what we do for every single video. We use this exact same checklist for all of our videos. This is the 1st time we have ever shared our checklist


How to Make Money Online

  • Learn how to use Google Ads to make money on your videos, while you sleep!

  • As a recognized affiliate expert, Tim, shares how to make money selling products that you already love and promote. Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing

  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Learn how to use Patreon to make money and build a community of fans

  • One of the easiest ways to make money online is with sponsored content in videos and social marketing. Learn how to find opportunities with an extensive list of influencer networks. You can sign up for these networks today and start making money tomorrow! This is one of the easiest ways to make money online

  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make $1000’s of dollars while you travel or even sleep! Learn how to create products and services to build your online business

  • Why we love ebooks! Would you love to wake up in the morning to receive 5-10 sales in the middle of the night? Learn how to create and sell ebooks that are automatic purchases

  • We share our favorite photography and videography companies that will buy your pics and videos. You are already shooting the footage, why not sell it?

  • Don’t miss out on getting paid for acting and talent jobs! As active actors in the industry, we show you the process of casting and life on set. We also show you how NOT to get scammed in the industry

  • Are you dying to get invited to a special media/press event? We know a lot of Disney fans that cry when they do not get that invite to Disney Social Media Moms. We show you how to get that invite!

  • Are you ready to really make some money or get free stuff or get free travel? We teach you how to create the epic pitch deck for FREE!

  • Learn how to pitch brands for paid brand deals and create a long standing relationship

  • We are excited to share our pitching technique that proves a 90% return! In other words 9 out of 10 people we pitch with this technique will contact us with an offer. We share this with you! This one technique will pay for this course!


Managing a Business

  • Learn how to treat your vlog as a business

  • Don’t get in trouble with the federal government or lose brand deals! Learn how to follow the proper FTC requirements

  • What are the best video creator conferences? We share why we do not attend these conferences to learn. We attend to grow our business

  • Learn the pitfall with every business! We teach you how to avoid this with a BSP

  • Don’t let your business overwhelm you. We share our tips on getting help for FREE!

The Best Time to Start Making Money with Online Video is Now!

Although it may seem saturated, online video has TREMENDOUS growth potential. Businesses spend exponentially more on video advertising, every year. Customers (viewers) consume more online video than any other medium on the internet and it's only growing!

Change Your Latitude

Using Online Video

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Tim & Allison Jones

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