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Hi! I am Allison! 😀

Over 18 years ago, I started my first website. I was so new to the online industry that we actually hired a student to help me design the website. Within the first year, I was able to quit my 9-5 job and focus entirely on my online business. 

Since then I have created hundreds of blogs and built a family business, all online. My blogging business allows my family the opportunity to travel 200+ days of the year. I just work via cell phone and a lap top.

Besides income from our blogging business. It has given us unique opportunities like free travel around the world, talent jobs on shows like Disney+ and Travel Channel, exclusive merchandise to review (before it is even released to the public), and so much more.

The kids and I recently cruised on a 3-Night Disney Cruise. This entire cruise and airfare was paid for by Disney.

My blog has provided us amazing opportunities! It can do the same for you, too!

I am so excited to share some of my knowledge with you. 😀 Here are a few of the highlights of what you will learn in this free email course.

Highlights of the Start a Blog in 5 Days Course:

  • How to Find Your Ideal Customer 
  • How to Create a Social Marketing Powerhouse
  • Selecting the Best Blog Name 
  • How to Maximize your Blog for Finding Followers for YOU
  • How to Save Money & Time on your Blog by Choosing the Right Hosting Company
  • Create the Perfect Logo for your Blog, at a Super Cheap Price Tag
  • Selecting Perfect Plug In's to Help Your Blog Run 24/7 for You
  • Common Blogger Mistakes & How to Prevent Them!
  • How to Save Time with Schedules
  • Insider Tips on Creating Fans that Will Share Your Blog Posts for You
  • How to Make Money with Your Blog
  • And Much More . . .